Elena Orekhova

Artist, brand founder, visionnaire

About me

My passion for ceramics began in 2015 and eventually grew into the creation of my own brand. In 2016, I founded the ceramics studio Savour.

Having entered the scene of ceramic art without previous education or skill, my style was born through the process of creation, through trial and practice.

I find inspiration in everything around me. Letting the impulse of insight pass through me, I create my own ceramics. The aesthetic and visual beauty of the objects I create is the primary focus of my work. Unbound by rules or standards, I give myself freedom when choosing a direction, a medium, and an artistic technique. I love trying new methods and looking for different approaches to achieve a creative goal. Not all of my artworks are created with an underlined conceptual idea in mind, not all of them are intended for conceptual analysis and comprehension. My work is based on my personal inspirations and the love for the craft, with the goal to evoke emotions in those who encounter my art.

Through my work, I strive to showcase craftsmanship and to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of hand-crafted art.

Previous exhibitions
Exhibition "A woman's shadow" Small Palace of Tsaritsyno Museum, Moscow 2019
Exhibition "ArtRussia" Gostiny Dvor, Moscow 2020 2020
Exhibition "In the color of white" Artplay Design Center, Moscow 2019
Exhibition "Objects of Attention" Gallery Tirage 1/1, Moscow 2020 2020
Exhibition "Phenomenon of Nature", Boutique Hotel Moss Moscow 2019
Exhibition Gallery Gora Montreal, Canada 2019-2020
Gallery K35 in collaboration with Claire Basler Moscow 2018
Gallery NGgallery Art-space ArtMaison, Moscow 2019
Savour Design brand stand at InDecor Moscow 2018
Artworks in collections
01 Gallery Tirage1/1 Moscow 2019-2020
02 NGgallery in ArtMaison Moscow 2019
03 Ruger Art Gallery Moscow 2019
04 К35 Gallery Moscow 2020
Each artwork is a one-of-a-kind piece
All art objects are handcrafted either for exhibitions or on commission. Each piece is unique, available in one copy only
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